At Pothukal Gramapanchayath Skill Development Multi Purpose Industirial Co -operative Society Ltd No. SIND (M) 169, our Building Solutions go beyond bricks and mortar – they’re about creating environments where lives thrive and businesses flourish. With a firm commitment to uplifting weaker sections and promoting inclusive growth, we offer a diverse array of services that cater to various building needs.

Building Solutions: Crafting Spaces for Life and Progress

Our philosophy revolves around building with purpose. Every structure we create is a testament to our dedication to community development, economic progress, and sustainable practices.

By choosing PothukalSDMICS for your Building Solutions, you're not just investing in construction; you're investing in the growth and well-being of communities. Our PWD license is a sign of our commitment to excellence and safety, giving you the confidence that your projects are in capable hands.

Why Choose Us

Expertise and Recognition

Our PWD license from the Public Works Department underscores our expertise, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and adherence to industry standards.

Community-Centric Approach

We prioritize the needs of communities, especially the weaker sections. Our buildings are designed to uplift and empower, contributing to overall progress.


We believe in building for the future. Our projects integrate sustainable practices, leaving a positive impact on the environment and society.